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  • New Cover: Action Sports

    Explode across the exciting landscape of action sports with these energetic and informative books. Discover the electrifying world of biking, boarding and surfing, while highlighting their… More →

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  • New Cover: Adventures of Samuel Oliver

    Set during the Great War, the Adventures of Samuel Oliver series follows Samuel Oliver. Born into the dangerous family business of deep sea diving, Samuel seeks to prove himself to his father… More →

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  • New Cover: African Animals

    It's easy to find a book on elephants and lions at this reading level, but what about meerkats and warthogs? Young readers will be excited to find these unique African animals titles in their… More →

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  • Cover: Along for the Ride

    Pop star Cadence Hudson is on the hottest tour of the summer, and her best friends Maisey Lopez and Kenya Jackson are along for the ride! Together, the girls keep each other grounded, as each… More →

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  • Cover: Amazing Authors

    Great writers can change the way people understand the world around them. Young readers can learn those writers' stories in Amazing Authors. Each book is broken down into easy-to-read… More →

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  • New Cover: Amusement Park Rides

    "Brimming with little-known facts and vibrant images, this inviting set should appeal to budding thrill-seekers and curious young minds alike. Recommended for its mix of history and STEM… More →

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  • New Cover: Ana & Andrew

    Ana & Andrew are always on an adventure! They live in Washington, DC with their parents, but with family in Savannah, Georgia and Trinidad, there's always something exciting and new to… More →

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  • New Cover: Animal Classes

    What are amphibians? What are Insects? What do they all have in common? These questions and more will be answered in this informative series. Cool, full-bleed photographs of the animals and… More →

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  • Cover: Animal Colors

    The scarlet ibis is red because of the shrimp it eats. The praying mantis uses green to hide in the leaves. Animal Colors will help readers understand that colors in nature are not just for… More →

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  • Cover: Animal Friends

    This series will teach young readers about kindness and how to treat others through some of their favorite animals. Each title introduces the animal, where it lives, what it looks like, and… More →

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  • New Cover: Animal Groups

    "Young readers will be able to easily grasp the concepts presented in the text, as well as view excellent examples of each animal in their natural surroundings. These books are perfect for… More →

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  • Cover: Animal Migration

    From delicate monarch butterflies to hardy walruses, groups of insects and animals around the globe are migrating unbelievable distances each year. Young readers will learn a little bit about… More →

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