Digging Deep Preview Bundle

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Digging Deep Preview Bundle (32 titles)
Amazing App Developers 0.0
Creative Podcast Producers 0.0
Dynamic Website Developers 0.0
Gifted Game Designers 0.0
Helpful Hackers 0.0
Master Computer Programmers 0.0
Ancient Aliens: Did Historic Contact Happen? 5.7
Artificial Intelligence: Can Computers Take Over? 5.5
Cryptozoology: Could Unexplained Creatures Be Real? 5.6
ESP: Does a Sixth Sense Exist? 5.6
Time Travel: Is Visiting the Past and Future Possible? 5.3
UFOs: Are Alien Aircraft Overhead? 5.5
Comanche 0.0
Cree 0.0
Crow 0.0
Dakota 0.0
Mohawk 0.0
Ojibwe 0.0
Pawnee 0.0
Ute 0.0
Automobiles: From Henry Ford to Elon Musk
Computer Programming: From Ada Lovelace to Mark Zuckerberg
Electricity: From Benjamin Franklin to Nikola Tesla
Medicine: From Hippocrates to Jonas Salk
Robotics: From Leonardo da Vinci to Isaac Asimov
Space Exploration: From Galileo Galilei to Neil deGrasse Tyson
Digging for Dinosaurs 0.0
Discovering Fossils 0.0
Exploring Ancient Cities 0.0
Investigating Tombs & Mummies 0.0
Uncovering Ancient Artifacts 0.0
Unearthing Early Human Remains 0.0
Interest Level Grade 2 - Grade 6
Reading Level
Dewey 1.942-970.00497
Lexile 620-920
ATOS Reading Level 0.0-5.7
Accelerated Reader® Points 0.0-0.5
Guided Reading Level
Copyright 2019
Number of Pages
ISBN 1960-S
Format Reinforced Hardcover