Reinforced Library-Bound Hardcover Editions

We guarantee the binding on every reinforced hardcover edition for the life of the book. When you purchase a book from MidAmerica, you are investing in the highest-quality book on the market!

Our high-interest topics are sure to be some of the most circulated books in your library, and we are committed to producing books that will last for years and years to come.

How Our Books are Built

The pages in our books are “side sewn” with exposed, reinforced end sheets.

Side sewn books are more durable than books that are Smyth sewn or perfect bound. Pages of a side sewn book are less likely to fall out or be pulled out. The reinforced end sheet contributes to the strength of the side sewn pages.

The paper we use is typically an 80 lb. matte coated sheet. The matte coated finish of the paper allows for printing clarity… especially when printing full color photographs. The matte finish also reduces glare from the page when reading this style of book.

We apply a 1.3 mil thickness of embossed lamination over the printed covers of our non-fiction books. This process gives the outsides of the books a durable “linen” finish that reduces the appearance of scratches, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The laminated cover sheets are wrapped and glued to an 88 pt. thickness of board.

The sewn pages are glued into the hard case of the book using a blend of cold glues to the surface of the inside board and outside end sheet. Hot melt glues are used in the crimp of the book to create a hinge.

The books are carton packed and skid packed right off of the casing line. This flat packing assists in keeping the books from warping while the glues are curing.

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I appreciated the opportunity to see what is available for my students. These books are beautiful!
—Judy Hanson, Stetsonville Elementary