QR Bundles

Exclusively from MidAmerica Books!

MidAmerica’s QR Bundles are the affordable solution you’ve been looking for to promote eBooks in your library. Each QR Bundle includes the reinforced hardcover book, eBook, and a QR Code label for instant access.

NEW! When you order MARC records for QR Bundles, we will automatically include the QR Code in the MARC record for instant access from your OPAC. Create an account to save your library specifications and add them to your online order.

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3 Easy Steps

Find a book in your library
Step 1: Find a book in your library
Scan the QR code label
Step 2: Scan the Scan-to-Read QR Code Label
Read the eBook on your device
Step 3: Read the eBook on your device
  • No minimum order required
  • Please add 10% Shipping & Handling for QR Bundle orders under $500
  • Orders $500+ use coupon code 500FREESHIP for free shipping at checkout
  • Includes an unlimited multi-use access license per school site
  • Offer cannot be combined with other premiums
  • Scanning QR codes requires a web-enabled smart device with a camera
  • QR codes are compatible with most QR code reader apps
  • Speed is dependent on wifi or cellular network. Data rates may apply
Thank you again for your prompt and kind assistance with this matter. It is rare to find such customer service these days and it won't be forgotten.
—Alyssa Husby, Guardian Lutheran School