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  • Cover: Amazing Inventions

    Young readers will learn about inventions that changed the world with the Amazing Inventions series. Beautiful design, fascinating photographs, and simple text introduce new readers to famous More →

  • Cover: Amazing Inventors & Innovators

    The Amazing Inventors & Innovators series uses engaging design, photographs, and easy-to-read text to introduce young readers to the history behind famous inventions. Give kids a head start… More →

  • Cover: Amazing Super Simple Inventions

    The Amazing Super Simple Inventions series explores the history of inventions that changed the world from phonographs to cameras. Each book has correlating simple scientific activities that… More →

  • Cover: Cutting-Edge Science and Technology

    Amazing breakthroughs in science and technology occur nearly every day. Cutting-Edge Science and Technology explores some of these key recent discoveries, including the scientists who made… More →

  • Cover: Essential Library of Inventions

    Essential Library of Inventions explores the history, social context, and legacy of key history-changing inventions with compelling text, well-chosen historical images, and helpful… More →

  • Cover: Everyday Inventions

    The Everyday Inventions series clearly explains and explores the history, inventors, and inner workings of everyday marvels. Young readers will discover a world of invention through… More →

  • Cover: Eye on Energy

    Energy plays a major role in daily life. We need it to grow food, heat homes and move from one place to another. But where does energy come from, and how long will it last? The Eye on Energy… More →

  • Cover: Food Dudes Set 2

    From crunchy chicken to sparkling soda, chances are the treats you love were created by Food Dudes! This series unwraps the facts behind these tasty concoctions and their talented creators.… More →

  • Cover: Future Energy

    Our world is in crisis--the burning of our dwindling supply of fossil fuels causes pollution, contributes to climate change, and makes energy prices skyrocket. This six-book series examines… More →

  • Cover: Great Achievements in Engineering

    Readers will marvel at the incredible engineering accomplishments in each of these engaging books. Through up-close examinations of three major projects, readers learn about core science and… More →

  • Cover: History of Science

    The history of science is a story of powerful personalities, incredible discoveries, and thrilling stories. Scientists have explored subjects ranging from the structure of our planet to the… More →

  • Cover: Incredible Inventors

    Incredible Inventors covers the lives of inventors whose accomplishments changed the world. Each book is broken down into easy-to-read chapters, with engaging photos for visual learners.… More →

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