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Life Science

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  • Cover: Animal Colors

    The scarlet ibis is red because of the shrimp it eats. The praying mantis uses green to hide in the leaves. Animal Colors will help readers understand that colors in nature are not just for… More →

  • Cover: Baby Animals

    The Baby Animals series teaches young readers about the early lives of their favorite animals! Each book uses photographs and text to offer kids a chance to learn about a different animal.… More →

  • Cover: Backyard Animals

    Cawing crows, slithering snakes, and hovering hummingbirds. Whether we live in the city or the country, we share our world with Backyard Animals. These neighborhood critters are cute and… More →

  • Cover: Beginning to End

    Beginning to End is a fun series that explores how things came to be. Beginning readers will discover how things change and grow in this series filled with large photos and short, simple… More →

  • Cover: Bioindicator Species

    Animals can help us see the effects of climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction. Bioindicator Species takes the pulse of animals already threatened by human action in order to… More →

  • Cover: Dogs Set 12

    From the field with a Golden Retriever to the pasture with an Old English sheepdog, the Dogs series has something for everyone! Readers will enjoy getting to know the dogs featured in this… More →

  • Cover: Ecosystems of the World

    Boost young readers' understanding of world ecosystems with this appealing series. Each book introduces a type of ecosystem, including its climate, plants, and animals. Also explored are how… More →

  • Cover: Fascinating Food Chains

    Food chains are fascinating! Every environment has factors that affect the flow of energy in its food chains--all the way up to you! This beautifully illustrated series explores the plants… More →

  • Cover: Life Cycles

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why do farmers grow cube-shaped watermelons? How many apples does it take to make one gallon of apple cider? The Life Cycles series answers these… More →

  • Cover: Ocean Life

    Ocean Life introduces young readers to their favorite sea creatures. Titles will give general information about the species (habitats, main body parts, behaviors), as well as some interesting More →

  • Cover: Plant Anatomy

    Plant Anatomy is fascinating, though it is no easy subject. Make learning the basics of plant anatomy easier with Abdo Kids. Simple text and colorful photographs and diagrams will make this… More →

  • Cover: Science of Life

    Life on Earth is endlessly amazing and complex. Learn about the systems and concepts that drive the great diversity of life on our planet. From the smallest cell to the process of… More →

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