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Grades 9–12

169 records found. Displaying 1 - 12.

169 records found. Displaying 1 - 12.

  • Cover: Action Sports

    Action Sports introduces readers to the thrills of today's most popular individual sports. From the leg-pumping action of BMX to frosty snowboarding skills, bold, full-color photographs bring More →

  • Cover: American Crime Stories

    Thrilling and frightening crime stories often capture the American public's attention. Scientists, theorists, and law enforcement examine the evidence in each complicated case. Conspiracy… More →

  • Cover: American Values and Freedoms

    Since 1776, the rights of American citizens have continuously evolved, and they remain hotly debated today. This series examines the freedoms and values that Americans hold dear, including… More →

  • Cover: Ancient Civilizations

    The legacy of past civilizations is still with us today. Explore major historical developments, cultural and scientific contributions, and the continuing impact of these past civilizations.… More →

  • Cover: Animal Evolution

    This series explores how the process of evolution resulted in the animals we know today. Each book examines a major group of animals, with titles on amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals, More →

  • New Cover: Back of the Net

    Back of the Net centers around the intertwined lives of the players on the Mt. Pleasant High varsity soccer team. What happens on the field often reflects the ups and downs and drama of daily More →

  • Cover: Basketball's Greatest Stars

    Meet the kings of the court with their lights-out shooting, slick dribbling, amazing passes, and smothering defense. This series will introduce young sports fans to some of the National… More →

  • Cover: Being Female in America

    Feminist groups have worked hard over the past century to raise awareness about gender inequities. But many of today's enduring differences between the female and male experience are still… More →

  • Cover: Being LGBTQ in America

    Life in America is markedly different for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) when compared to straight, cisgender people. This series takes a close… More →

  • Cover: Beverly Hills Prep

    Beverly Hills Preparatory Academy is an all-girls prep school with more than a few secrets hidden behind the ivy-covered walls. The wealthy and powerful send their daughters here for a… More →

  • New Cover: Big Sports Brands

    Major brands have evolved alongside sports over the past century. Some companies have changed the way athletes train and compete. Others have revolutionized the way fans watch and interact… More →

  • Cover: Black Panther Set 1

    With a dramatic upheaval in Wakanda on the horizon, T'Challa struggles to find balance in his roles as king and the Black Panther. His people are restless, a superhuman terrorist group sparks More →

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