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All 5 records found.

All 5 records found.

  • Cover: Big Buddy Pop Biographies Set 4

    Popular personalities come to life in Big Buddy Pop Biographies! Each book examines a superstar's background, challenges overcome along the path to fame, and plans for the future. Short… More →

  • Cover: Classic Rock Bands

    This series introduces classic rock's biggest groups, highlighting some of the biggest bands of all time and how their music has made a mark. Books will explore how the members met, follow… More →

  • Cover: Cool Music

    Music is the universal language! Kids will have fun learning about all kinds of music while they explore the history, instruments, rhythms, greats, production, collecting, and varied… More →

  • New Cover: Hip-Hop Artists Set 3

    This series introduces hip-hop's best and brightest names, highlighting prominent artists in the hip-hop industry and how their music has made a mark. The books focus on the careers of these… More →

  • Cover: Musical Instruments

    This series is a terrific introduction to musical instruments for kids. Each book starts with an overview of the instrument. The general characteristics of each instrument and different types More →

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