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Grades 3–4

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  • Cover: 21st Century Inventions

    Many inventions of the 21st century have changed the way people live their lives. This series highlights these great inventions and prompts students to see how their own lives have been… More →

  • Cover: 3-D Shapes

    This informative series identifies and illustrates 3-D shapes in a creative and fun format. Each book incorporates realistic, diverse photographs and examples of 3-D shapes that young readers More →

  • Cover: Abby and the Book Bunch

    Third grade is so much fun! But when Mr. Kim assigns a community service project to his class, Abby Spencer has some trouble. She searches everywhere for a place to volunteer, but all the… More →

  • Cover: Action Sports

    Action Sports introduces readers to the thrills of today's most popular individual sports. From the leg-pumping action of BMX to frosty snowboarding skills, bold, full-color photographs bring More →

  • Cover: Action Sports

    Explode across the exciting landscape of action sports with these energetic and informative books. Discover the electrifying world of biking, boarding and surfing, while highlighting their… More →

  • Cover: Adrenaline Adventure

    Raft down rapids, cling to a cliff, or hang from a parachute in the Adrenaline Adventures series! In each book in this series, readers can check out places to watch these spectacular sports… More →

  • Cover: Adventure Awaits Preview Bundle

    More →

  • Cover: Adventures in Extreme Reading

    In this action-packed series, Carter Lewis and Isabelle Hunter have a computer crazy uncle who has created a totally new kind of book experience. You don't read Uncle Dan's version of classic More →

  • Cover: Adventures of Samuel Oliver

    Set during the Great War, the Adventures of Samuel Oliver series follows Samuel Oliver. Born into the dangerous family business of deep sea diving, Samuel seeks to prove himself to his father More →

  • Cover: African-American History

    Experience African-American history through the eyes of the people who lived it, from the horrors of slavery through the civil rights movement to the cultural issues African Americans have… More →

  • Cover: African Animals

    Dash with the cheetah and graze with the zebra! This vibrant series invites readers to travel to the continent of Africa and meet its most fascinating animals. Bold colors, easy-to-read text, More →

  • Cover: All Aboard America Set 1

    All Aboard America takes kids on a fun-filled educational journey that highlights America's national landmarks. The easy-to-read text discusses why each monument was built, its historical… More →

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